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Many reasons drive the global push to "go green". While nature conservation is one of them, ensuring economic and social well-being, mental and physical health, and a sustainable future for humans are some other powerful incentives.

When it comes to making a first impression, you need to really shine. That is where vCard comes in. When you send email, vCard is there to make sure your potential customers have everything they need about you and your company.

  • vCard Global takes online marketing to a new level.
  • vCard is truly an amazing way to stay in touch with your associates whether they are business related or friends and family. 
  • vCard Global is the “Ultimate Mobile Marketing Tool” to create virtual business cards and mobile sites for Smartphones! 
  • vCard is to Mobile Phones as FaceBook is to Social Media.

Did you know… that more and more people are choosing to use their smartphones vs. their laptops and desktops?

Smartphones are getting smarter each and every year, In the foreseeable future more people will be using their smartphone almost exclusively for all their online work and purchases.

Smartphones advancement make it possible for us to do just about anything on that single device. Baby boomers have been running as fast as they can to catch up.

On the other hand, their children totally “get it” and their children have technology built into their DNA. A one-year-old that gets a hold of your smartphone knows exactly how to put it to their ear and talk baby talk.

Technology and artificial intelligence are on the fast track.

vCard Global is progressive and so advanced it takes the struggle out of networking, removes the need to copy and paste information from tired old paper business cards into your contact list.

Imagine never having to print another paper card again? How about those embarrassing times when your reach into your pocket for your business card and find that you left home without them. A missed opportunity!

With vCard Global you will always be up-to-date with your coolest and smartest business card in your smartphone. Picture your online business card updating automatically every single time you changed your cell phone number, email address or any other personal information that you want to share with your associates.


vCard Global is quickly becoming very popular within the “Smartphone Application” industry. This extraordinary tool allows you to combine a business card and website. Launched only recently, the response has been unprecedented. Great for all professions and saving you time and marketing costs.